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We perform COVID PCR and RAPID Antigen tests at our laboratory and results can be provided in English and Turkish for international flights. The results will be shared digitally via email.

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While the whole world fights against the Coronavirus (Covid-19), we implemented strict measures considering the hygiene and conduct at our laboratory ..... >> Details

Bilim Laboratuvarı

Blood-Urine-Stool Tests

Routine biochemistry, hormone, fertility, culture antibiogram, fungus, hematology, immunology, genetic and pathological examinations


Spermiogram-Sperm Washing

Spermiogram, sperm washing, 

PRP preparing for better success rates at tube baby

Experienced staff at fertilization procedures following international standards



People who have no complaints or diseases are advised to have at least once a year check-ups to detect developing illnesses. Check out our different packages by age and gender.


Fungi Investigation

Fungi is investigated from possible samples, especially in skin and nails, and culture antibiogram and parasite analysis are performed.

Genç Doktor

Home Services

Would you like us to visit you for getting samples for your tests? 

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Give samples at the convenience of your home or workplace.

Platelet rich plasma ( PRP) therapy proc

PRP Preparing

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)


Portor Scanning

Tests before starting new jobs


routine health checks for companies


Culture Antibiogram

Pathogens revealed in urine, feces, throat, genital area, wound, abscess, and operation materials.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases

AIDS, Hepatitis B, HPV, HSV, CMV, Gonorrhea (Gonorrhea), Syphilis (Syphilis), Chlamydia, Trichomonas, Ureoplasm, Mycoplasma

Doctor testing allergy reaction of patie

Allergy Tests

Prick Test (Skin test), Pathergy Test,
Total IgE, Specific IgE,
Food Intolerance


Water Analysis

Microbiological control tests for drinking, sebum and tap water are carried out to detect pathogenic bacteria.

woman taking a breath in front of a maje

Functional Medicine

For Healthy Lifestyle